Wedding at Ibiza

This is Amelie looking stunning on her way to a wedding wearing a top from Paulas first collection 1996. We recommend creating this look with our current style Albatross.

Thank you Loretta!

We got an e-mail from Loretta which made our day!

"WOW! Your Customer Service Team is incredible. I greatly appreciate your offer and hope to return your kindness and trust down the road.

My friends have heard me brag about your suits and now I have even more reason to say I think Paula Suits are the best. Simply put you are the best of the best.

Thank you from a happy and grateful customer for life."

Sincerely, Loretta Kurlich, Pennsylvania, USA

I love my Swordfish Orange

Eva Olsson sent us an image from outside Pater Noster lighthouse on the Swedish west coast.

We received a postcard!

Sophie and her daughters from Sweden on holiday at Mauritius Island. Looks amazing!